Mystic Firebird Mystic Firebird
With the Legend Warrior power, the Red Ranger transforms into the Mystic Firebird. The Firebird has flaming wings which can create rings of fire just by flapping. The Firebird's mobility in the air gives it an advantage.

Mystic Lion Mystic Lion
With the Legend Warrior power, the Green, Blue, Yellow, and Pink Rangers unite into the Mystic Lion. The Lion is gifted with speed and swiftness which can carry it through many obstacles.

Manticore Megazord Manticore Megazord
The two ancient Mystic Legends combine together to create the Manticore Megazord. The Manticore Megazord is equipped with a flaming staff. Its fire power is usually too hot for its opponents to handle. It also has claws that alternate into fists.
Manticore Megazord Staff