Mystic Morpher Mystic Morpher
With the call of "Magical Source, Mystic Force!", and dialing up a spell, the Mystic Morpher allows five teenagers to transform into Rangers. The Mystic Morpher acts also as a phone and a wand, which can access a vast array of powers including vehicles and Zords.
1 - Galwit; 2 - Mysto; 3 - Ranger; 4 - Motro; 5 - Prifior; 6 - Unios; 7 - Du; 8 - Tryn; 9 - Aerotan; 0 - Neramax
1 + 2 + 3 = Morph
1 + 2 + 4 = Cycle or Rider
1 + 2 + 5 = Zord Mode
1 + 0 + 2 + 6 = Megazord Mode
0 + 1 = Mystic Power

Magi Staffs
Magi Staffs
This common Ranger weapon resides at the side inside its holster in the form of a staff. The Magi Staffs have the magical ability to transform into personal weapons for the Rangers. Their personal weapons are (Pink, Blue, & White - Wand Mode); (Yellow - Crossbow Mode); (Green - Axe Mode); and (Red - Sword Mode).

Shield of Darkness Shield of Darkness Shield of Darkness
The Shield of Darkness is the Knight Wolf's sword and shield combination. Knight Wolf's shield holds the eye of the Master in its center, which is capable of firing on its oponents.

Mystic Force Fighters Mystic Force Fighters
The Mystic Force Fighters are two metallic gloves which pack quite a punch. Any one the Rangers can use it, but its abilities tend to vary depending upon its user.

Solaris Morpher Solaris Morpher
The Solaris Morpher is a device which the Solaris Knight uses to morph. Its functions are activated by punching various tickets.

Laser Lamp Laser Lamp
The Laser Lamp is the weapon of the Solaris Knight and also houses Jenji. It can fire laser blasts or can fire Jenji out as an attack.

Mystic Lion Staff Mystic Lion Staff
When the Rangers activate Legend Warrior power, the Magi Staffs combine with the Mystic Morphers to create the Mystic Lion Staff. Each Ranger is equipped with one and by dialing up a code can perform different functions.
1 = Elemental Attack
2 = Stronger Elemental Attack
3 = Mystic Firebird
4 = Mystic Lion
5 = Manticore Megazord

Xenotome Xenotome
The ancient Xenotome is refered to as the book of the unknown. It holds the mystical secrets that will allow five ordinary teenagers to embark on adventures as Power Rangers.

Fierce Dragon Morpher Fierce Dragon Morpher
Battlizer device for the Red Ranger to become the Dragon Fire Ranger.

Red Dragon Fire Ranger
Red Dragon Fire Ranger
Nick knew he had to get Fire Heart before the forces of darkness harnessed its powers but he did not know how integral it would be in his destiny. After discovering his responsibility as 'The Light,' the full grown dragon merged with him to make him the Red Dragon Fire Power Ranger, with enough power to defeat Oculous. With the armor, Nick wields two Fierce Dragon Battle Staffs. They shoot powerful blasts and are able to repel opposing fire. They can also be thrown as twirling discs. When the armor's wings are fully extended they give Nick the ability of flight and when not in use, they retract.