Mystic Racer Mystic Racer
The Mystic Racer is a futuristic jet like version of a broom, which allows the Rangers to travel through the sky.

Mystic Speeder Mystic Speeder
The Mystic Racer magically transforms into the Mystic Speeder a vehicle that approach high speeds and out maneuverer its opponents, which is useful for dodging and firing lasers.

Nick's Motorcycle Nick's Motorcycle
Nick rode into Briarwood with his motorcycle. He used it attack Koragg mid-air to save his new teammates. When Snow Prince ordered Daggeron and Nick to trade places of teacher and pupil, Daggeron rode it with no problem. At the end of the journery, Nick rode out of town along with his birth parents Udonna and Leanbow, also on motorcycles.