Catastros Catastros
The Catastros is a mystical ally to the Knight Wolf, which he rides into battle. His devotion to Leanbow stayed true and fought for the side of light along with him. His current location is unknown.

Centaur Mode Centaur Mode
The Knight Wolf can combine with the Catastros using a magical spell to become a powerful centaur.

Centaurus Wolf Megazord Centaurus Wolf Megazord
The Knight Wolf can also unite with the Catastros to create the Centaurus Wolf Megazord. The Centaurus Wolf Megazord is equipped with a lance to use in battle. When Leanbow saw what danger the rangers were with Blacklance, he transformed with Catastros into the Centaurus Wolf Megazord using good magic.
Centaurus Wolf Megazord

Centaurus Phoenix Megazord Centaurus Phoenix Megazord
When the Red Ranger tames the legendary Catastros, he combines with it as the Mystic Phoenix to form the Centaurus Phoenix Megazord. The Centaurus Phoenix Megazord uses fire power to increase the fury of Catastros' tail.