Vida Rocca, Pink Mystic Ranger - Power Rangers Mystic Force
Vida Rocca, Pink Mystic Ranger
Full Name: Vida Rocca
Ranger Designation: Pink Mystic Ranger, Pink Mystic Legend Warrior
Mystic Power: Shapeshifting and the ability to create gusts of wind.
Hobby: Loves to DJ
Weapons: Magi Staff - Wand Mode, Mystic Lion Staff
Gear: Mystic Morpher, Mystic Racer
Zords: Mystic Sprite, Mystic Lion

Vida is a tough as nails, no nonsense kind of girl with a chip on her shoulder. She believes actions speak louder than words and is more inclined to knock down a door than open it. She is often seen DJing at the Rock Porium. Vida may have a tough personality but she has a big heart and always there for her friends and sister. Vida is chosen to be the Pink Ranger even though she not particularly fond of the color. Her mystic power gives her the ability to shapeshift into various things that can create gusts of wind. She accompanied Leelee to a club where a DJ was performing and she was hypnotized, turned into a vampire. Chip was the one to distinguish that she was under the spell. Chip had put a protective barrier circle around Vida, even after the monster was defeated, the rangers discovered the Vida was still under the spell. For a while, Vida was under Necorali's spell but ultimately reverted to normal by her friend Chip.

Later on, one of the Ten Terrors Hekatoid use a slime to prevent Vida and Nick to morph. This was at the time Nick and Vida were a quarreling mercilessly. Serpentina took this to her advantage and captured the other four rangers. They had to set aside their differences which eventually led to Itassis lifting the spell on their morphers. Vida later witnesses Matoombo saving a ball from a incoming car and befriended. Vida had enough confidence in her new friend had heart that she challenged him to finish her but he didn't and also destroyed the energy he had gathered. When Gekkor fought Matoombo, Vida tried to defend him. Vida and Matoombo fleed to the Sleeping Lake in the Dawn Dimension to sleep forever. Vida and Xander derailed Gekkor enough for Matoombo to reach the Lake but he was eventually done in by Sculpin. Vida watched in horror as Matoombo's body was pleaded to reveal the Master's ultimate form. With her teammates, they defeated Black Lance together. With the help of the mystical community and the townspeople, she regained her powers along with Udonna, Leanbow, Daggeron and his friends and were able to defeat the Master. After the final battle, Vida had fully accepted the color pink evidenced by her head being completely dyed in the color. She and a newly revised Matoombo were in a DJing lesson at the Rock Porium.