Daggeron, Solaris Knight
Full Name: Unknown
Ranger Designation: Solaris Knight
Mystic Power: The ability to control solar energy.
Hobby: Knighting
Weapons: Laser Lamp
Gear: Solaris Morpher, Mystic Carpet
Zords: Solar Streak

Daggeron is an accomplished knight who faught in the great battle against evil as the legendary Solaris Knight. He was given charge to take baby Bowen to safety but was interrupted by Calindor. During a battle with Calindor, he was cursed and turned into a frog. The curse is broken after he saves Madison and recieves a kiss from her. Daggeron is recruited by Udonna to train the other Rangers. Although his methods may sometimes seem harsh, he pushes the Rangers to become their best. He was trained by Udonna's husband - Leanbow. When the Ten Terrors were dispelling their wrath, the Snow Prince who had trained the original Mystic Wizards felt Daggeron had lost his path. He ordered Daggeron to trade places with Nick as the teacher and Daggeron himself become the pupil. Daggeron was not comfortable following Nick as he felt he only followed his instincts but ultimately learned from it and defeated Megahorn. He and Leanbow went to Mystic Mother's palace and found it in ruins. They fought the Master but lost and where thrown to the ground in front of the rangers. He was revived by Necorlai and defeated the Master along with Udonna, Leanbow, and the other Rangers. He was last seen advising Itassis during the reconstruction of the village in the mystical forest.