Nick Russell, Red Mystic Ranger - Power Rangers Mystic Force
Nick Russell, Red Mystic Ranger
Full Name: Nick Russell (Bowen)
Ranger Designation: Red Mystic Ranger, Red Mystic Legend Warrior, Red Dragon Fire Ranger
Mystic Power: The ability to control fire.
Hobby: Motorcycles
Weapons: Magi Staff - Sword Mode, Mystic Force Fighters, Mystic Lion Staff
Gear: Mystic Morpher, Mystic Racer, Mystic Speeder, Fire Heart
Zords: Mystic Phoenix, Mystic Firebird

Nick is the new kid in town who originally comes to Briarwood to live with his sister. He spends most of his time riding and working on his motorcycle. While being the first to speak up about helping an old man and getting the others to follow him, he was the last to embrace magic and become a Power Ranger. As Nick shows leadership by stepping up to help the old man, Udonna knows that he is the one who's meant to lead the team as the Red Ranger. With his mystic power, he has control over fire which gives him moves of fury. Nick had a unique mental connection with Koragg, Koragg was able to talk to the ranger inside his head and eventually Nick was able to do visa versa.

Nick carries with him a red childhood blanket that is his only connection to his birth parents. When the rangers were kidnapped by Imperious to extract their legend powers, Udonna stumbled upon Nick's blanket and realized he was her lost son Bowen. When Nick was just an infant, the great war between the underworld and the mystic wizards was occurring. Udonna had given Daggeron the child to keep safe but he got ambushed by the traitor Calindor. The child ultimately ended up in Phineas' arms ad he took him to the human realm. Udonna went to rescue her lost-long son she had under her nose all along and the rangers and discovered Koragg was in reality Leanbow, Nick's father. Nick wasn't sure how he felt about having Udonna as his mother but there was not much time for that because she then went on an excursion to find Leanbow. When the Ten Terrors arrived, Daggeron revealed to Nick that he was what they were after--the Light. Because he was the son of a powerful wizard and marvelous sorceress he was the one destined to stop the Terrors.

When Oculous attacked the city, their pet dragon Fire Heart combined with Nick to become the Red Dragon Fire Ranger and defeated the Terror. For a while, Nick did not understand how his father could do all those terrible things even though he was under a spell. When the Master was in his final form, he took control over Nick's body and wreak havoc on the village in the mystic realm. Nick transformed into Koragg's Wolf Knight Armor and fought Leanbow, practically demolishing Rootcore. It was when Leanbow, out of his armor, professed his love for Nick that the Master left Nick's body. Then Nick finally understood what his father went through. When the Master took the rangers to a dark dimension, he was going to give up but it was with pushing from his friends that he was able to force the Master back into the human world. With his teammates, they defeated Black Lance together. With the help of the mystical community and the townspeople, he regained his powers along with his parents and friends and were able to defeat the Master. After the battle, Nick was leaving town on his motorcycle and Madison wanted to know if he would comeback for their friends or even her. He gave her his blanket and promised he would be back for it. He left town along with his parents Udonna and Leanbow on motorcycles to visit his adoptive parents.