Mystic Phoenix Mystic Phoenix
The Red Ranger transforms into the Mystic Phoenix. The Phoenix is equipped with a sword.
Mystic Sword

Mystic Minotaur Mystic Minotaur
The Green Ranger transforms into the Mystic Minotaur. The Minotaur is equipped with a massive axe.
Mystic Axe

Mystic Mermaid Mystic Mermaid
The Blue Ranger transforms into the Mystic Mermaid. The Mermaid is equipped with a trident.

Mystic Garuda Mystic Garuda
The Yellow Ranger transforms into the Mystic Garuda. The Garuda is equipped with powerful wings.

Mystic Sprite Mystic Sprite
The Pink Ranger transforms into the Mystic Sprite. The Sprite can transform into a magical ball.
Magical Ball

Titan Megazord Titan Megazord
The five legendary Mystic Titans combine together to create the Titan Megazord. The Titan Megazord is equipped with an enchanted sword that it uses to take down evil. It also uses the Sprite as a soccer ball to attack enemies with and can use the Garuda's wings to take to the sky.

Titan Megazord Titan Megazord

Dragon Mode Dragon Mode
Dragon Mode
The Mystic Minotaur, Mermaid, Garuda, and Sprite can combine to form a powerful Dragon Mode. The Mystic Phoenix rides on the back of Dragon Mode into battle.