Andrew Hartford
An adventurer and billionaire who created the Operation Overdrive Power Rangers to find the jewels of the Corona Aurora. He originally planned to be the Red Ranger, but after much relentless urging from his son Mac; He decided that his son was better suited for the job, despite his own fears of losing Mack. He never stops worrying about his son and reassures his son that one day he will worry about him. His preoccupations were explained when Mack was inflicted with a virus and malfunctioned, revealing he was really an android built a little over two years ago. Mack was created because Andrew was unable to meet the right woman due to his work and chose to make himself a son. When the Sentinel Knight suggested to place the Corona Aurora upon Mack's head, Mack became a flesh and blood son to accompany Andrew in his adventures.
The Hartfords' butler. He has a close friendship with Mack, and gives all the rangers advice. He is capable of disguise, so superb to fool the Rangers themselves. Even with his dry sense of humor, he is always there to provide emotional support not only to his charges but to the Rangers as well. He has a life-long camaraderie with Andrew. Spencer is the only one Spencer confies in.
Sentinel Knight
After Flurious and Moltor tried to steal the Corona Aurora and were cursed, the crown's guardian hid the crown and its five jewels throughout the planet Earth. His spirit returned to urge that Andrew and his team of Rangers protect the crown from impending forces. He once battled and imprisoned Thrax, the son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. When Thrax disabled the Overdrive Ranger's powers, the Sentinel Knight summoned five veteran Rangers and repowered them so they could temporarily take the current Rangers' place. After Mack retrieved the sword Excelsior, he gave it to the Sentinel Knight so that no one could use it to harm him and its power restored Sentinel Knight to a physical form. After being restored to a new physical form, he swiftly destroyed Thrax. He has since been capable of transforming into the powerful Sentinel Sword weapon. Thanks to modifications by Rose, Sentinel Knight was able to merge with Mack to become the Red Sentinel Ranger. When the Corona Aurora was successfully retrieved, the Sentinel Knight took his original form. Thanks to him, Mack became human by placing the crown on his head.
Vella is Tyzonn's fiance, she worked alongside Tyzonn as a rescuer on Mercuria. She was believed to have been killed in the cave-in caused by the Fearcats, but that was later proven to be untrue. Crazar mimicked her appearance in order to trick Tyzonn into thinking his adventures with the Rangers were merely a dream in order to distract Tyzonn from helping his friends from fighting Benglo, Mig and Agrios. Tyzonn was able to come to his senses when he found his morpher and also realized Vella was alive because, in order for Crazar to mimic a person's appearance said person has to be alive. When Moltor revealed to be her captor and turned her over to Flurious, Norg protected Vella and took her to safety to the Hardford's home where she was reunited with Tyzonn.
Adam Park, Black Ranger
The former Black Ranger was recruited by the Sentinel Knight to lead a team of former rangers to substitute the Operation Overdrive team after loosing their powers. With the most experience from his other teammates, he used this to everyone's advantage. Adam retrieved Alpha from a box in a warehouse on Earth to repair the Universal Morphing Grid. He currently owns a Martial Arts Dojo in Angel Grove and after Alpha fixed the team's powers, he joined Adam. Adam used the HoverTek Cycle and the Defender Vest.
Tori Hanson, Blue Wind Ranger
The Sentinel Knight summoned Tori to fight the alliance between Thrax and the other Operation Overdrive's opponents after the Operation Overdirve team's link to the universal Morphing Grid was severed by Thrax. The Sentinel Knight restores her powers. She revealed that she currently runs her own surf shop and offered her phone number if her services was ever needed again.
Kira Ford, Yellow Dino Ranger
Kira's powers were restored by the Sentinel Knight to help the Rangers until they could restore their powers. She indicated that she is working on a new CD. She meets Bridge for what can be assumed the first time for her since her memory was erased to times before. Adam confided he was not used to the idea that Tommy was a doctor, after Kira had mentioned him.
Bridge Carson, SPD Red Ranger
Bridge was brought to 2007 by the Sentinel Knight to be part of the temporary Ranger team. Since the SPD series, Anubis Cruger was promoted to Supreme Commander when Fowler "Birdie" retired, bringing about the subsequent promotions of Sky Tate to Commander of S.P.D. Earth, and Bridge to B-Squad's leader as the Red Ranger.
Xander Bly, Green Mystic Ranger
Xander was called by the Sentinel Knight to join the team of former Rangers. Along with Bridge, his powers did not have to be restored because he had not lost them. He still works for the Rockporium and offered the current Rangers a discount. He seemed to have had a report with the other former Rangers even though he never met them before.
Alpha 6
When the Operation Overdrive Ranger's link was severed from Morphing Grid by Thrax, Adam said he knew someone who could repair it. Adam and the team of former Rangers retrieved a box of disconnected parts inside a Warehouse in Angel Grove. Andrew Hartford's reconnected the parts making Alpha 6 operable once again. Alpha was able to restore the ranger's powers. After Thrax is defeated, Adam hires him as an employee at his new dojo.