Corona Aurora
This is a highly sought crown, also known as the Crown of the Gods, that posses great power. Two brothers fought for it and became Moltor and Flurious. The Sentinel Knight protected the crown and scattered the five jewels across the Earth, in order for no one with foul intent. When Andrew took the crown from its hiding place, he awoke Moltor and Flurious. Following the destruction of Moltor's lair, Flurious stole the crown and added one jewel to it. After stealing the remaining four jewels from the Rangers, Flurious completed the Corona Aurora. Flurious used its power to battle the Rangers, but he was finally destroyed by Mack. The Sentinel Knight was fully restored to his original physical form by the crown and used the crown to change Mack into a human.
Atlantis Cocoon
The Cocoon from the Atlantis Temple Ruins, located in the depths of the ocean. It was guarded by a variety of traps and puzzles, including the Atlantis Cocoon Puzzle. The Atlantis Cocoon Puzzle replicated the Cocoon into several cocoons to protect its true form. Red Ranger solved the puzzle by applying a Reaction method, which caused the fake ones to collide and explode. Will tried to open the Cocoon using force, but the hard shell was unpenetrable. The Rangers believed it contained one of the Corona Aurora gems. Instead, they found one of the Scrolls of Neptune. Rose opened the Cocoon by twisting the delicate center.
Scrolls of Neptune
The Rangers found the first of these three scrolls inside Neptune's Cocoon. The three scrolls combine to create a powerful weapon known as the Sword of Neptune. To protect the Sword, the scrolls were separated. The original locations of the remaining scrolls are unknown, but they were restored in the Museum. Two years ago, Lady Penelope stole the scrolls and kept them in her possession. Will recovered the remaining scrolls for the Rangers. One of the scrolls gave the DriveMax Megazord a golden lasso ability. Rose solved the puzzle when they opened the scroll by making a picture of the sword. When the Rangers assembled correctly all three scrolls, the scrolls transformed into the Sword of Neptune.
Sword of Neptune
Miratrix seeked the power of the Sword of Neptune to help her master Kamdor. When the Three Scrolls of Neptune were laid end to end, they became the Sword of Neptune. It was initially missing a jewel from the hilt of the sword. Upon its formation, the sword flew out of Rose's hands and marked the St. Lucia on a map, pointing the Rangers to the location of the pearl that fit its hilt. The sword has a strong connection to the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbeans.
Eye of the Sea
Jewel was discovered on the island of Saint Lucia. It was believed to be the first jewel of the Corona Aurora. Brownbeard had spent his entire life searching for this jewel. He enlisted help from the Rangers when they arrived to St. Lucia with the map. Miratrix stole the Eye of the Sea from the Rangers. Miratrix used the Eye to transform her monster into a heavy machinery monster. In exchange of the Eye, Rangers traded it to Brownbeard for his Lucky Pearl, also known as the first jewel of the Corona Aurora.
Brownbread's Pearl
When the Eye of the Sea did not fit on the hilt of the Sword of Neptune, the Rangers gave it to the ghost Brownbeard. Wishing to repay the Rangers for the gift, Brownbeard gave them his lucky charm. When the pearl was placed in the hilt of the Sword of Neptune, it became the first jewel of the Corona Aurora. The gem's original form is the black Corona jewel.
Dragon Scale
The Dragon Scale from the dragon Fire Heart from Briarwood was purchased by Andrew Hartford from Toby Slambrook, the owner of the Rock Porium. The shipment was stolen by Moltor and the Rangers of course retrieved it. The scale provided a power energy source to empower the Defender Vest.
Hou-ou Bird
The Hou-Ou Bird is a carved small golden statue located in Istanbul, Turkey. The Hou-Ou is known as the legendary Japanese King of Birds. The legend states that if the bird is freed, it will give clues to the most precious diamonds. The Rangers arrive to Turkey to retrieve the artifact, but they discover that it was stolen by Miratrix from the safe that kept it. Andrew chose Will to ally with Miratrix in order to find the real location of the artifact. Miratrix pointed the Hou-ou Bird at the sun at the perfect angle, the statue transforms into the legendary bird and flew towards the clue. Miratrix follows the bird until it drops a rolled parchment. After that, the bird transformed back into the statue. The rolled parchment held the next clue towards the Tohru Diamond.
Ancient Parchment
Before the Hou-ou Bird disappeared, it left behind a parchment that Miratrix and Kamdor retrieved. The parchment is written with ancient symbols that translates to the next clue towards the next jewel of the Corona. The Blue Ranger later regains the scroll with the help of the Transtek Armor. Moltor released a lizard-like Tyzonn to successfully retrieve the parchment, but Tyzonn's depature from Moltor's army put the item in the possession of the Rangers. Tyzonn decoded it by pouring citric acid from lemonade to lead the Rangers to coordinates of the second jewel of the Corona Aurora.
Toru Diamond
The Toru Diamond is the second jewel of the Corona Aurora. The Ancient Parchment revealed the location of the second jewel within a volcano. Mack and Tyzonn flew into the volcano using the Sonic Streaker. Tyzonn's scales protected him from the heat from the lava and allowed him to descend on a rope and retrieve the diamond. The power of the two jewels was enough to transform Tyzonn into his true form. The gem's original form is the yellow Corona jewel.
Yanomami Statue
An archeologist excavated the Yanomami Statue in front of a temple in Brazilian Rain Forest. The Ancient Text, located in Portugal, was the key clue for finding the statue. When given to the Rangers, it gave off a jewel signature similar to a cannon located in Indonesia, meaning it had been exposed to a jewel of the Corona Aurora. After the Rangers helped the archeologists from the Fearcats, they were given the gift of the statue. The face looked like the Face on Mars, which Rose discovered had once pointed to a location in Mexico where the next artifact could be found.
Ancient Text
The Ancient Text, located in Portugal, pointed to the location of the Yanomami Statue. The Fearcats found the text from a tree and immediately traveled to Brazil to find the statue. After causing damage to the archeologist camp, the Fearcats threw the text on the ground.
Cannon of Ki Amuk
This legendary powerful cannon that was unearthed from under a mountain in Indonesia by the Fearcats. Flurious originally discovered the location of the Cannon and prepared a robot with its coordinates, but the Fearcats stole the robot. It exhibits the same jewel signature as the Yanomami Statue. The cannon was then claimed by Tyzonn and the Flash Point Megazord. The Rangers tried to use the Cannon of Ki Amuk on the rock structure in Mexico, but the attempt failed. By loading Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer) into the cannon's barrel, the Rangers and Thor (the God of Thunder) were able to recover the next artifact, which was encased in hard rock structure.
Mjolnir The Mjolnir, also known as Thor's Hammer, is the legendary hammer of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. Moltor found the Hammer's location with an Ancient Map. The Rangers raced Moltor in an effort to retrieve the treasure while in a unnamed rainforest in Norway. The hammer had the ability to increase an item to incredible size, and possesses a powerful lighting attack. Moltor used the hammer powers to increase his Lava Lizards to be larger than the DriveMax Ultrazord. Mercury Ranger regained the Hammer to even the odds. Ronny gives the Hammer to Thor to help her friends. After the brief battle, Thor decides to keep the Hammer. When the real Thor arrives, the fake Thor turns out to be Loki, who has been seeking the Hammer for a long time. Loki, disguised as Thor, tried to use the Hammer on the rock structure in Mexico, but the attempt failed. By combining the two weapons to blast the rock structure, the Rangers successfully recovered the next artifact.
Piedra Aztec del Comps / Aztec Compass
Piedra Aztec del Comps (Aztec Rock of Compass) is an Aztecan Compass found in Mexico. The combination of the Cannon of Ki Amuk and Mjolnir was powerful enough to destroy the rock formation in which this artifact was entombed. After discovering it, the Rangers headed home but Moltor took the compass by force. Moltor gave the compass to Blothgaar, who was able to use its power to manipulate Qi and Li energies in order to protect himself from the Ranger's attacks and cause Mack a series of bad luck. Mack, with his friends' charms, overcame the influence of the compass and in turn used it against the monster to destroy him. The compass led the Rangers to a watery area, the location of the third Corona Aurora jewel.
Blue Sapphire
The Sapphire is the third jewel of the Corona Aurora. The Piedra Aztec del Comps lead the Rangers the way to the Sapphire hidden underwater, whereupon Will, Dax, and Ronny retrieved it. Will was given the duty of delivering it to Hartford, but was attacked by Miratrix and Kamdor, and Kamdor was able to break through the Defender Vest to get the jewel. To keep the Rangers busy while he searched for the final jewel, Kamdor used the Sapphire's power to summon a meteorite that nearly destroyed Earth. The Rangers defeated the meteorite with the DriveMax Ultrazord. While Kamdor was battling the Rangers, Norg discovered the Sapphire in the Kamdor's lair and gave it to Flurious. Flurious then used the Sapphire's power to destroy Moltor's lair. The gem's original form is the blue Corona jewel.
Super Armor
The Super Armor is a samurai armor that grants its wearer a powerful armor and weaponry. Moltor gave the Fearcats a map to it to make them invincible in exchange for their promise to destroy the Rangers. Will was able to retrieve the map and find the Super Armor, but the Fearcats snatched it and equipped it to their robot. It quickly proved to be too strong for the DriveMax and Flash Point Megazords. The Rangers implemented several Megazord formations, attempting to overpower the Fearcats, finally ripping the armor off of the robot using the DriveMax Megazord Crane Formation. The Rangers took the armor and were then able to easily destroy the Fearcats' robot.
Sword of Excelsior
The Sword of Excelsior is a powerful weapon belonging to the Warrior Goddess, that was located deep in a forest. Thrax sought it out as it was the only weapon cabable of destroying the Sentinel Knight. Thrax followed Mack into the forest to find the Warrior Goddess and the Sword of Excelsior. After failing to remove it from the statue of the Goddess, Thrax fled. The legend states that the sword belongs to Warrior Goddess and she will only grant its powers to the worthy cause. The Rangers attempted to retrieve the sword themselves, but could not and chose to leave. Mack stayed behind, inspiring the others to do the same. After seeing the purity of the Overdrive Team, the Goddess awoke into her human self and granted them the ownership of the sword, which went to the Sentinel Knight and restored his powers. From then on, the Sentinel Knight could transform into this sword, and could be wielded by either Mack or DriveMax Megazord. He could also grow into Megazord size and merge with Mack into the Red Sentinel Ranger.
Centurian Torch
The Fearcats sought the Centurian Torch, hoping to give their new robot extra power and harness its power to set the world on fire. They found the torch and with which they fought the Rangers. Their robot was destroyed by the DriveMax Ultrazord, allowing the Rangers to give it to Andrew. The Torch opens and reveals the Golden Scabbard Beetle.
Golden Scarab Beetle
Andrew discovered a compartment in the Centurion Torch that held a rare golden scarab encased in amber. The scabbard lead the Rangers to Egypt. There they learned that the scarabs are rumored to be found deep underneath the desert sand. They also discovered the Egyptian Tablet.
Egyptian Tablet
Kamdor and Miratrix found the hieroglyphic-covered Tablet in an underground passage in Egypt. While searching for the source of the signals they were receiving in Egypt's deserts, the Rangers encountered Kamdor and Miratrix. They fought the two for the Tablet. The Rangers successfully managed to get the tablet and teleported it back to their base. Kamdor sent a virus to the Overdrive Base and regained access to the Tablet and the location of the Star of Isus.
Star of Isus
The Egyptian Tablet's hieroglyphics translated into a code that led to the fourth jewel, hidden in the supposed Floridan Everglades. By sneaking a computer virus into the Rangers' base, Kamdor and Miratrix were able to get to the location first; the Rangers nevertheless arrived, and the two groups fought for possession of the jewel, resulting in Mack becoming the Red Sentinel Ranger to defeat their enemies. Kamdor and Miratrix attempted to leave with the jewel, but Ronny snatched it from Kamdor's hands using her superhuman speed. The gem's original form is the red Corona jewel.
Octavian Chalice
The Fearcats managed to find this artifact in a forest after an long search for it, during which they distracted the Rangers with the help of Crazar. The Chalice acts as a receptacle that synthesizes the energy of other relics to create a power strong enough to destroy planets. The Fearcats steal the relics from the other villains and unleash Agrios. Before being destroyed by the Rangers, the Fearcats stated that the Chalice had more than one use. The Chalice leads the Rangers to Greece, where they learn the location of the final jewel. The Rangers placed the chalice on a pedestal and invoked it in a ceremony during a solar eclipse to give guidance in finding the last jewel. Miratrix interrupted the ceremony and used the power of the Chalice to turn into a powerful owl-like monster form. After the solar eclipse, the Chalice transforms into the Golden Plate.
Sands of Sila
Kamdor retrieved the Sands of Sila, the second Ancient Relic of the Octavian Chalice set. The artifact was stolen by the Fearcats and combined with the others to form Agrios.
Minerva's Staff
Flurious uncovers the Minerva's Staff, the first Ancient Relic of the Octavian Chalice set. The artifact was stolen and combined with the others to form Agrios.
Root of Heisker
One of Moltor's Lava Lizard found the Root of Heisker in a volcano and it iwas stolen and combined with the others to form Agrios.
Golden Plate
After Miratrix's separation from the Octavian Chalice, the Chalice answered the Rangers' question, leading them to the final jewel by turning into a Golden Plate. The discovery of which sent them back to Egypt. The plate holds various symbols including the Chalice, the Scabbard Beetles, and the Corona Key. There they found an Anubis statue, a dog-like structure. Rose placed the plate on Anbius' hands and it opened a hidden passage to a sealed stone sarcophagus which held a golden coin. The Rangers attempted to open it, but discovered that they needed a key to do so.
Tri-Dragon Key
The Rangers traced the key needed to open the sarcophagus, that held the final Corona Aurora Jewel, to Japan, where they were met by Moltor and one of his minions. After engaging in battle, Moltor approached the key and tried to take it. The key burrowed into the Earth and out of sight. Both the Rangers and Moltor tracked it to a waterfall, where they again engaged in battle. The key emerged from the water and moved toward Moltor, but was intercepted by the Black Ranger. The Rangers used the key to open the stone chest in Egypt to reveal the Egyptian Medallion.
Golden Medallion / Egyptian Medallion
When the Rangers opened the sealed sarcophagus in Egypt, they found this coin-like medallion inside. When they presented it to Andrew, he recognized it as matching an indentation on the the mummy statue, which he had been given as a gift years earlier. When the coin was placed in the indentation and came into close contact with the three Corona Jewels in the Rangers' possession, it brought the mummy to life. The mummy gave the Rangers' the fifth jewel of the Corona.
Mummy Statue
Fifteen years ago, this mummy statue was given as a gift to Andrew. The statue is a tomb guardian with an indentation on the sarcophagus. Andrew places the Golden Medallion they found in the indentation of this statue's sarcophagus. Rose approached the statue with the four jewels and brings the mummy to life. The mummy was blasted by an army of invading Chillers.
Pink Emerald
The fifth jewel was given to the Rangers by the mummy statue, which had been given to Andrew as a gift fifteen years earlier. The mummy was then destroyed by invading Chillers. The jewel was kept inside of a special box, which blocked the jewel signature from being detected by the Rangers' trackers. Emeralds by definition are supposed to be green, as Emerald is said to be a Sanskirt word for Green; meaning the Pink Emerald is a rare anomaly. The gem's original form is the pink Corona jewel.