It stands for Special Hydro Aero Recon Craft, which is a sleek jet-like vehicle. It is capable of great speed in the air as well as on the water, and is the primary mode of transportation for the rangers. The SHARC is piloted primarily by Ronny, the Yellow Ranger.
Team Vehicles
Dax, Ronny, and Will pilot their own personal ATV's or mortorcycles, while Rose, Mack, and any other allies travel in a Humvee.The rangers use these vehicles in pre-battle before they are morphed.
HoverTek Cycle
The HoverTek Cycle, developed by Hartford Industries exclusively for the Black Ranger designed for air or land combat. It can transform into a helicopter-type vehicle, and is equipped with powerful lasers.
TransTek Armor
A high-powered machine that can be piloted by any of the rangers. Its default mode is a four-wheeled vehicle mode, the armor can use it's claws to attack any evil, and destroy them. When the battle escalates, the Rangers can morph the free-standing armor configuration into Battle Mode. It can fire laser blast from its hands and has shoulder laser cannons. For a full force attack, the armor can clamp itself down and then fire all its lasers.