Full Name: Dax Lo
Ranger Designation: Blue Overdrive Ranger
Genetic Power: Super Leaping
Weapons: Drive Vortex, Drive Defender, Defender Vest, Drill Blaster, OO Zip Shooter
Gear: Overdrive Tracker, Transtek Armor
Zords: Gyro Driver, Cement Driver, BattleFleet Zord
Dax is energetic and enthusiatic. Dax was a Hollywood stuntman who had dreamed to be the leading man, not the lowly unappreciated stuntman when he was given the chance to save the world. He was more that thrilled to hear Andrew could make him a Power Ranger but he was going to join with the others when they were leaving because they didn't believe Andrew. Once the protector of the Crown came in front of Will, Ronny, Rose and him and told him it was real, he agreed to have his DNA enhanced. He was stoked to discover his ability to jump ridiculously high distances and bounce at a steady pace.When walking in the city with classifieds, Dax ran to save a girl from a monster and became quite enamored with her. She said her name was Mira and she was an avid visitor to the Hartford estate. So much that his teammates grew tired of his infatuation and believed he was focusing too much of his energy on her. It soon came to light that her true identity is Miratrix, he had realized this when he noticed the monster would only appear when she was around and she mentioned the Corona Aurora---a fact he never told her.

He was clearly hurt by this and more so when Will join forces with her. He was just as pleased when it was revealed that he was conning her as well, a part of a plan devised with Andrew to obtain the Hou-ou bird. As the Blue Ranger, Dax uses the Drive Vortex, a arm mounted fan weapon that can round up strong winds enough to hover him in the air to blow enemies away. Dax's zord is a hovercraft-like gyro-plane known as the Gyro Driver. After the final battle with Flurious was won and the Crown and Jewels were returned to Sentinel Knight; Dax decided that instead fulfilling his life-long dream of becoming a movie star, he wanted to fulfill the cliche by wanting to be a director.