He went after the Corona Aurora and became this form like his brother Flurious. He unlike his brother, enjoys the heat and inhabits hot areas such as lava pits. He wields a sword. He sometimes is outsmarted by his brother Flurious and is insulted when betrayed by him. He wants nothing but to get the Aurora Corona and outdo his brother. Sometimes he works with Flurious but mostly on his own, unless Flurious tries to sabotage his plans.
With his volcano lair falling apart due to Flurious's jewel, Moltor decided to lead his Lava Lizards in an all out attack on the Rangers to gain the remaining jewels. Mack arrived to get the crown from Moltor and the battle ended when the other rangers retrieved Mack. Barely surviving the battle and the destruction of his lair, Moltor came to Flurious's den with Tyzonn's fiance, Vella, and the crown. In his weakened state, Flurious was easily able to freeze him solid and smashing him to bits and take the crown.
Lava Lizards
Dragon-like creatures that serve Moltor. They each wield a sword. There can be thousands of them. Moltor sometimes puts them to fight each other to select the strongest one to upgrade. Moltor also uses them to do large projects such as building robots or other contraptions.
Giant Sea Creature
A giant monster that emerged from the seas after it was called by Moltor to attack after Andrew was rescued by the Rangers. Although it was defeated by the DriveMax Megazord, Moltor activated the monster's self-destruct to blow up the Megazord and kill the Rangers, but the DriveMax Megazord kicked the monster away before it blew up. This monster was designed after the original Ultrazord from "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers."
"Kick Into Overdrive, Part II"
Weather Machine Monster
Moltor created a weather control device that began to malfunction when introduced to human technology without proper configuration and thus began to turn the entire area into a frozen wasteland. Soon after, the Weather Machine transformed into a rogue monster, which gave the Rangers a hard time, until it was destroyed by the DriveMax Megazord Drill Formation through its center. This monster resembled the Replicant Megazord from "Power Rangers Dino Thunder."
"Weather or Not"
He was a Lava Lizard that proved itself to be strongest among the others and Moltor transformed it into a powerful volcanic monster. Its mission was to rob the Fire Heart's scale while on its way to Hartford's mansion. He was initially to powerful for the Rangers until they found they could damage him by attacking his back. Moltor's plan was to use the scale to power up this monster into the utimate beast by exposing the scale to the increasing temperature of the factory where they were located. But the scale was stolen from the building before preventing the building's explosion using the DriveMax Megazord's Mixer Formation. The Rangers reclaimed the scale for the new Defender Vest and destroyed Volcan with the new Drill Blaster. Valcon's design is based on the Galaxy Megazord from "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy."
"At All Cost"
Moltor's Robot
A huge nameless robot created and piloted by Moltor himself. While possessing immense strength, this robot could also fire Gatling gun blasts. It could also launch chains that can wrap around the enemy, which was Mack inside the DriveMax Megazord. It was destroyed by the Super Drivemax Megazord. It is based on the Centaurus Megazord from "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy."
"Follow The Ranger"
A dragon-like largerobot created by Moltor that wields a boomerang. It was used while Moltor and Flurious had their temporary alliance to destroy the Rangers. The Dragonizer was first piloted by Lava Lizards to defeat the DriveMax Megazord and later piloted by Flurious himself, when the Dragonizer was destroyed by the Super Drivemax Megazord. Dragonizer is based on the Stratoforce Megazord from "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy."
"Follow The Ranger"
This armored creature was summoned by Moltor to hunt down Kamdor and Miratrix. He retrieved the Ancient Parchment from them and brought it back to Moltor. During his fight with the Rangers, Kamdor and Miratrix blasted the cave, causing rocks to fall and bury Scaletex. Scaletex never escaped the burial and never seen again, thus he was presumed destroyed. He is based on Dragonzord in Battle Mode from "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers."
"Lights, Camera, Dax"
Moltor turned a Mercurian named Tyzonn into a dragon-like monster and used him to obtain the Parchment from the Rangers. When engaging Mack, the Parchmant was torn and Tyzonn made off with the bigger piece. While trying to recollect other part of the Parchment, Tyzonn helped a woman before being attacked by Ronny in the Transtech Armor. Mack later chased after Tyzonn while the others battled Bullox. When Tyzonn didn't want to work with Moltor anymore, Moltor attacked them both. Mack saved Tyzonn and Tyzonn later revealed his story to the Rangers. While helping translate the parchment, Tyzonn spilled lemonade on it to reveal a hidden longitude and latitude of the location. In Indonesia, Tyzonn engaged Bullox in battle and was losing until Mack joined the fight and did a combo attack on Bullox. While riding in the Sonic Streaker, Tyzonn used his form to obtain the Toru Diamond from within the volcano's crater. After Bullox's destruction, two of the Corona Jewels obtained by the Rangers restored Tyzonn back to normal thanks to the information from the Sentinel Knight. The design of Tyzonn's dragon form is based on the Time Force Megazord (Mode Red).
"Face to Face I"
This four-eyed bull-like creature was summoned by Moltor to aid Tyzonn in retrieving the Parchment from the Rangers. After Tyzonn turned against Moltor, Bullox was ordered to destroy Tyzonn, who got away with the help of Mack. Thus, Bullox and Moltor were on their trail. When it came to the ambush at the Toru Diamond's location in Indonesia, he engaged Tyzonn in battle where Bullox was winning until Mack joins the fight and does a combo attack on Bullox. As Mack is riding in the Sonic Streaker fighting the Lavadactyls, Bullox was taken down by the Defender Vests and Drill Blaster. Moltor shot a dart at Bullox to make him grow and he went head-to-head with the Super DriveMax Megazord and was winning until Mack arrived in the Sonic Streaker. It took the power of the new DriveMax Ultrazord to destroy Bullox. He is designed after the Defender Torozord from "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy."
"Face to Face I"
A trio of mechanical Pteradactyl-like creatures were each piloted by a Lava Lizard. The Lavadactyls were capable of shooting lasers from their mouths. Their first mission was to ambush the Rangers and Tyzonn during their quest for the Toru Diamond and the fight against Bullox. Each was destroyed by Mack with the Sonic Streaker. Later on, Moltor created a Cybernetic Rex who launched a gross of Lavadactyls. The first batch was destroyed by the Drivemax Ultrazord and the rest was destroyed by the Battlefleet ship. They are based on the Dragozord from "Power Rangers Dino Thunder."
"Face to Face II"
This long-necked red Chinese Dragon old friend of Moltor was in possession of an ancient compass that Moltor stoled in the previous episode. He could breathe fire and bring down red lightning from the skies. He used the power of the compass to aid him in battle against the Rangers. He then used it to alter the chi and li to induce bad luck on Mack. The Rangers later confronted Blothgaar again and Mack used his friends' charms to retrieve the compass. Mack took down Blothgaar and Rose used the compass to reverse Mack's luck. Moltor threw Blothgaar into the valley, having him absorb the energy and grow, making the Rangers call on their zords. In battle, the Rangers used the compass combined with the DriveMax Megazord saber to bestow bad luck upon Blothgaar, who then tripped down on a rock. Blothgaar was destroyed by the Super DriveMax Megazord. He was based on Lord Zedd's Serpentera.
"Out of Luck"
Cybernetic Rex
A robotic T-Rex monster created and piloted by Moltor. It can bite, shot lasers from its cannons, and launched swarms of Lavadactyls. Moltor asked the Fearcats for a gyro to power it, but the gyro somehow doesn't work. Then Moltor and the Fearcats planed to capture Ronny to drain her energy as an alternative power source. Once powered, the Cybernetic Rex proved itself powerful enough to counter attack and defeat the Drivemax Ultrazord. It was running out of power as the Battlefleet Ship appeared and Moltor retreated. It was easily destroyed at hands of the Battlefleet Megazord. It was based on the Q-Rex from "Power Rangers Time Force."
"Ronny on Empty I"
This monster accompanied Moltor in obtaining the Tri-Dragon Key in Japan. He can turn his tentacles into replicates of the Rangers' weapons, although he at first had trouble duplicating the Black Ranger's Drive Slammer, he could also use his tentacles to track down the Tri-Dragon Key. Magmador was destroyed by the Sentinel Knight and Flashpoint Megazord Crane Formation. Magamador is based on the Mezodon Megazord from "Power Rangers Dino Thunder."
"Nothing to Lose"