Full Name: Veronica "Ronny" Robinson
Ranger Designation: Yellow Overdrive Ranger
Genetic Power: Hyper Speed
Weapons: Drive Claw, Drive Defender, Drill Blaster, OO Zip Shooter
Gear: Overdrive Tracker, Transtek Armor
Zords: Dozer Driver, Drill Driver, BattleFleet Zord
Ronny is a champion stock car driver. Ronny's energy and fondness for fast vehicles are reasons why Andrew chose her to be the Yellow Ranger. Ronny was at first hesitant about believing Andrew. Once the protector of the Crown came in front of Dax, Will, Rose and her and told her it was real, she agreed to have her DNA enhanced. She was stoked to discover her ability of super speed. She was also excited to pilot the S.H.A.R.C., a high-tech jet, to save Andrew from an island far away. She is always up for a challenge but in the beginning, she only wanted to win. When she learned winning wasn't everything, she let Mac receive the Defender Vest instead of her. Ronny uses large scoopers attached to both of her hands called Drive Claw, capable of breaking through mountain rock. Ronny's zord is a large bull-dozer known as the Dozer Driver. After the mission was complete and Mack became human, Ronny returned to her racing life.