Overdrive Tracker
The Overdrive Tracker is not only the Ranger's morpher but a paramater-seeking cell phone equipped with multiple functions such as a a black light, keypad capable of summoning various Zords and the Turbo Wheel which allows the Rangers to execute commands.
Drive Defender
Each Ranger wields a Drive Defender that can transform into a blaster as well as a saber
OO Zip Shooter
A hand device used by the Rangers, the OO Zip Shooter can fire either a zipline, parachute, flare signal, or wire to tie up opponents. The OO Zip Shooter can also be attached to the Drive Defender as a sniper scope to zoom in and fire a stronger blast.
Overdrive Weapons
Drive Lance, Drive Slammer, Drive Vortex, Drive Claw, and Drive Geyser
Control Drivers
Used by the Rangers to control their DriveMax Zords, they fold into a suitcase form, and then expand back when placed into the control panels of the Zords. They all contain a steering wheel and two gearsticks.

Defender Vest and Drill Blaster
Andrew Hartford built the Defender Vest a protective vest to absorb the enormous power created by using the Drill Blaster, a two-form blaster. One form is designed after the Cement Driver; it encases the monster in cement with a Tri-Laser, freezing them in place. The other form is designed after then Drill Driver; it fires a drill head into the monster to destroy it. The Defender Vest is powered by one of the Fire Heart's dragon scales. Any of the Rangers can call forth the Drill Blaster and Defender Vest, one at a time.
Mercury Morpher
This wrist-worn morpher allows Tyzonn to become the Mercury Ranger. It has a rotatable bezel and LCD screen. His morphing call is the same as the other rangers.
Drive Detector
It is the Mercury Ranger's primary weapon, it has three functions such as a blaster, weapon and metal detector. As a metal detector, it can search for foes who have hidden themselves under surfaces. It launches energy slash projectiles or a charged metal blast; and it is sufficient enough to destroy the strongest enemies such as the Fearcats.
Sentinel Sword
Thrax was after the sword Excelsior, said to only to be given to those of noble heart. It was held by a female statue, that eventually came to life after seeing the determination of the then-powerless Operation Overdrive Rangers and deemed them worthy of wielding the sword. Mac used the sword to destroy single-handily Vulturus. Sentinel Knight then merged with Excelsior, giving him the ability to transform into a sword, which the rangers could carry and wield. By turning the knob on its hilt, it transforms him back into the Sentinel Knight. He can also enlarge and wielded in battle by the DriveMax Megazord.
Sentinel Morpher
Special Battlizer morpher for the Red Ranger to become the Red Sentinel Ranger.

Red Sentinel Ranger
Mack can use the Sentinel Sword and the Sentinel Morpher to merge with the Sentinel Knight and become the Red Sentinel Ranger. This was originally meant for zord technology, but with the revelation that Mack is an android; Mack used the armor to defeat five monsters unleashed by Kamdor, to keep the Rangers busy while he attempted to retrieve the fourth jewel of the Corona Aurora. The face of the Sentinel Knight is hidden in the chestplate and is able to communicate from it. Two swords stored on the back of the armor, that can attach to his arms for a finishing move. The armor has the ability to release shockwaves, and the primary finishing move involves Sentinel Knight's face launching a whirlwind that conceals the opponent in a tornado, followed by Mack slashing the enemy.