He and his brother were heavy rivals and sought after the Corona Aurora. When they touched it, they were transformed and sent to element-inspired planets. Flurious seeks the Corona Aurora at any cost, even betraying his brother. He believes he can overpower his brother and doesn't think much of him. He picks on creatures he believes are weaker than him like Norg. Flurious got hold of the third jewel, the blue sapphire and used it to destroy Moltor's lair. He lured his brother into his own lair, froze him and then shattered him, taking the Corona Aurora with him. With them, he was able to locate the Hartford manor. He completed the crown and it gave him a new form. He plotted to bring a new ice age to the planet. During his fight with the rangers, Flurious grows to gigantic size and damaged the Rangers's zords with a single blast. Boasting that no human can stop him, Mack decides to face him alone. Mack defeats Flurious and separates him from the crown. Before Flurious can put the crown back on, Mack picks him up and destroys the android for good.
A bumbling and naive abominable snowman whose frosty cavernous home was invade by Flurious and is forced, sometimes willingly, to do dirty work for Flurious. He wounded himself and was healed by Tyzonn and Rose. He return the favor by saving Tyzonn's life using a healing ritual after he was wounded by the Fearcats. Norg tries to prove himself to Flurious by stealing the third jewel from Kamdor and doesn't get any recognition from Flurious which he wanted. Norg befriends Tyzonn's fiancee, Vella, who notices his gentle nature. When Flurious completed the Corona Aurora, Flurious instructs his Chillers to dispose of Vella and Norg and this sends Norg into a fury causing him to destroy all the Chillers left behind. He then reunited Vella and Tyzonn and now under the care of the Hartfords.
Non-speaking grey-coated footsoliders that mainly serve Flurious. They carry torches and other weapons to combat the Rangers.
Out of nowhere, Flurious popped out with these turbine-like devices to revive the Fearcats. He also used it for a robot that they stoled and to revive Thrax's Vulturus. At the end, it powered his final form that led to his doom.
Atlantis Temple
A temple belonging to the lost city of Atlantis underwater where the Rangers were exploring into for a gem, it was brought to the surface. Flurious interrupted their search and made the temple come to life. The moving temple was easily defeated by the DriveMax Megazord using the Sword Combination.
"The Underwater World"