Tyzonn, Mercury Ranger

Full Name: Unknown
Ranger Designation: Mercury Ranger
Genetic Power: Liquifying as mercury and creating forcefield out of mercury.
Weapons: Drive Detector
Gear: Mercury Morpher
Zords: Rescue Runners
Tyzonn is a Mercurian Intergalatic Emergency Responder who rescue people during emergencies. When arriving to Earth, he happened upon Moltor who transformed him into one of his lizard hybrids after denying to join him. In this form, he was forced to retrieve a parchment from the Power Rangers but managed to rip it two. His natural mercury abilities still function while in this form. Mac befriended him and they worked together to stop Moltor. With the help of the Sentinel Knight, the Rangers used the two jewels of the Corona returned Tyzonn back to normal. When asked to join the Rangers, Tyzonn politely declined and went on his own. When the Fear Cats attacked an archeological squad in Brazil, the Rangers came to help, and soon met up with Tyzonn. Tyzonn had a past with the Fear Cats. Tyzonn was once part of a team and they went to a cave where the Fear Cats were said to be in. When the cave collapsed, Tyzonn worried for the safety of their oppressors and sent his team inside.

But unfortunately, the Fear Cats had already escaped and set off a bomb closing the cave off. The lose of his fellow teammates caused Tyzonn to doubt his leading abilities and dislike wanting to be part of another team. When the Fear Cats used Ronny to release Benglo, Tyzonn was transformed into his mercury Form. Mr. Hartford transform him back by using his technology along with Ronny. Ronny then tried to convince Tyzonn that his place with with the Rangers, as part of the team. He declined once again until the Rangers were at the mercy of the Fear Cats and he joined them. He became the Mercury Ranger and later received three zords of his own that become the Flash Point Megazord.

When Crazar came along, she pulled a trick on Tyzonn making him believe she was Vella and the events on Earth never occurred. After learning, during his battle with Crazar, that Vella was still alive, Tyzonn promised that after he completed the Ranger's mission, he would find his lost fianc. After the final battle with Flurious was won, Tyzonn's search for Vella was cut short when Norg showed up at the mansion with Vella. She was saved from the Chillers by Norg. Now Tyzonn and Vella have reunited, they can continue their plans for the future.