Dump Driver
The scoopers on the top of Mac's main zord based on a dump truck, can scoop up dirt and rocks if needed.
Speed Driver
The top part of Will's zord can flip over and shoot missiles from it.
Gyro Driver
Dax's gyroplane zord can fly at amazing speeds and generate giant whirlwinds.
Dozer Driver
It can pick up rocks and throw at villains. Ronnie also uses the scooper of her bulldozer zord to bump a foe.
Sub Driver
Rose's diving submarine zord is used to dive into deep waters to explore the seas for such ancient ruins like Atlantis.
Drill Driver
No one could handle the power of this vehicle but Mac overcame it when he had to rescue his teammates who were trapped in their zords in snow. It was later piloted by Ronny.
Shovel Driver
This backhoe-like zord was given to the Operation Overdrive when a monster Kandor created was attacking to have obtain the 'Eye of the Sea.' Rose used it to rescue the pirate Brownbeard.
Cement Driver
This cement mixer was called by Mac to help in a situation to pour cement on top of a building when the Lava Lizards were up to no good.
Crane Driver
This crane zord was obtained when Will was infiltrating Miratrix and Kamdor's camp. It can extend and pull and carry objects to great distances.
Sonic Streaker
Mac's jet-like zord can reach Mach Two in less than thirty seconds, and can boost the speed with its Speed Thrusters. The main turbine on it can generate over 1000 horsepower.