Wrist Communicator Wrist Communicator
Billy created the communicators for contacting the Command Center and the other Rangers when necessary. The communicators also tapped into the Command Center's teleportation systems, allowing the Rangers to teleport at will.

Power Morphers Power Morphers
The original five Power Morphers were first used with the dinosaur Power Coins to transform five teens into the Power Rangers. They would later hold the Ninja Power Coins. The Power Morphers materialized behind a user's back, and was worn as a buckle when morphed. Aside from the original five, Tommy also had a morpher as Green Ranger, and another as White Ranger.

Dragon Dagger Dragon Dagger
The Dragon Dagger was given to Green Ranger by Rita Repulsa to summon Dragonzord with its music, and destroy the Power Rangers. Whoever holds the Dragon Dagger may play its music and call upon the Dragonzord and control it during a battle. The Dragon Dagger can also shoot beams of green energy.

Blade Blaster Blade Blaster
The Blade Blaster is the common Ranger sidearm, which can transform into a laser pistol or a short sword.

Saba Saba
Saba is the talking Sabre and advisor of the White Ranger. He was given to Tommy by Zordon for control of the White Tigerzord. A reluctant duo at first, Tommy and Saba finally learned to work together, with Saba quickly becoming the silent partner.

Shark Cycles Shark Cycles
For quick chases through the streets of Angel Grove, nothing beats the Shark Cycles. These lightweight and powerful motorcycles transport the Rangers to action in record time. Off-road suspension, knobbly tires, and rugged construction allow the Rangers to pursue evil over the roughest terrain on their Shark Cycles.

Metallic Armor Metallic Armor
To battle Tengas enhanced by Master Vile, the Rangers powered up with shiny Metallic Armor given to them by Zordon.

Power Cannon Power Cannon
The Power Cannon is a large bazooka with the head of a dragon at its tip, which shoots powerful balls of energy, which are each inserted by a Ranger.

Power Weapons
Power Blaster
Power Weapons
To aid them in the fight against Rita Repulsa's monsters, the Power Rangers were each given a unique Power Weapon. All five weapons could be combined to form the Power Blaster, which shot a powerful beam of combined energy to induce serious damage to a monster.