Alien Rangers
When Master Vile turned the Power Rangers into powerless children, Zordon enlisted the aid of the Alien Rangers of Aquitar, which consisted of Delphine, the leader; Aurico, the field commander; Cestro, the technical expert; Corcus, and Tideus. While on Earth, the Alien Rangers constantly suffered from dehydration, lacking a pure water source as found on Aquitar. The Alien Rangers successfully held off the evil forces until the Rangers found a way to restore their powers, and they returned to their home planet.

The Alien Rangers returned to Earth when Billy fell ill and began rapidly aging. While there, they helped the Zeo Rangers battle monsters from both Lord Zedd and the Machine Empire. The returned to their home planet with Billy, since Aquitar was the only place where his condition could be treated.

Years later, Aurico joined 9 other Red Rangers on the moon, where they all battled the forces of the Machine Empire to stop them from taking Serpentera and destroying Earth.