Lord Zedd had come to the Moon, to try destroying the Power Rangers and taking over Earth himself. He sent down Pirantishead, who succeeded in freezing four Dinozords and taking control of the other. A simple refractoring of morph waves by Alpha 5, the Dinozords became Thunderzords, much more powerful than their predecessors. The Thunderzords were destroyed by Rito Revolto when he came to Earth to join Rita's crusade.

Red Dragon Thunderzord

Red Dragon Thunderzord (Warrior Mode) Red Dragon Thunderzord
The Red Dragon could transform into either Dragon or Warrior mode. In Dragon mode, it could shoot fire from its mouth, and fly. In Warrior mode, it had a staff it could spin to generate energy. Red Dragon formed the torso and head of the Thunder Megazord. The Red Dragon Thunderzord is piloted by the Red Ranger

Unicorn Thunderzord Unicorn Thunderzord
The Unicorn could hurl boulders at opponents, and it formed the right leg of the Thunder Megazord. The Unicorn Thunderzord is piloted by the Blue Ranger

Lion Thunderzord Lion Thunderzord
The Lion could shoot out green mist, and it formed the helmet, arms, and chestplate of the Thunder Megazord. The Thunderzord is piloted by the Black Ranger

Griffin Thunderzord Griffin Thunderzord
The Griffin could shoot fireballs from its mouth, and it formed the left leg of the Thunder Megazord. The Griffin Thunderzord is piloted by the Yellow Ranger

Firebird Thunderzord Firebird Thunderzord
The Firebird could create pink energy tornadoes, and it formed the belt of the Thunder Megazord. The Firebird Thunderzord is piloted by the Pink Ranger

Thunderzord Assault Team Thunderzord Assault Team
The Thunderzords combined to form the Thunderzord assault team. The Lion, Unicorn, Griffin, and Firebird would combine into an airborne chariot, which the Red Dragon would ride in its warrior mode.

Thunder Megazord Thunder Megazord
Red Dragon, Griffin, Lion, Firebird, and Unicorn, could all combine and form the Thunder Megazord with the Red Dragon as the head and torso, the Lion as the arms, chestplate, and helmet, the Firebird as the belt, and the Unicorn and Griffin each as a leg. The Thunder Megazord had a power sabre, which which it stored in a sheath on its belt, and could shoot a powerful blast as a finishing move.