Tommy Oliver, White Power Ranger
Full Name: Tommy Oliver
Ranger Designation: White Power Ranger, White Ninja Ranger
Weapons: Saba
Gear: White Ranger Shield, Power Morpher with Power Coin, White Shark Cycle, Wrist Communicator
Zords: Tigerzord, Falconzord, White Shogunzord

After he lost the Green Ranger powers, the Power Rangers team was down to five. To keep up with the increasing intensity of Lord Zedd's attacks, Zordon created new White Ranger Powers and gave them to the only one he felt was worthy of receiving them - Tommy. With the Tiger Power Coin, Tommy rejoined the team and led them into one victory after another. White Ranger's power weapon is Saba, a talking Sabre that also controls the Tigerzord. As White Ranger, Tommy gained enhanced strength, speed, and durability as well as limited energy projection. He wore a special shield around his chest which protected him from many attacks. His powers were greater than those of the other Rangers, making him a nearly invincible opponent. When Tommy lost his powers after Rito Revolto's attack on Angel Grove, he gained new powers with the Falcon Power Coin given to him by Ninjor on the Rangers' journey to the Temple of Power.

The Falcon Power Coin was later destroyed by Zedd and Rita when Master Vile reversed time and reverted the Rangers to children. When the Rangers obtained Zeo Powers, Tommy became the Red Zeo Ranger. Another power upgrade later made him the Red Turbo Ranger, powers which he eventually passed on to a successor, TJ. Tommy returned years later as the Red Zeo Ranger to lead 9 other Red Rangers on a mission to prevent the Machine Empire from using Serpentera to destroy Earth.

Tommy Oliver, White Ninja Ranger Tommy Oliver, White Ninja Ranger

When Rita Repulsa's brother, Rito Revolto, came to Earth, he succeeded in destroying the Thunderzords and the Rangers' powers. The six teens had to travel to the Temple of Power, where the legendary warrior Ninjor gave them all the power of Ninja. Using this power, they could all transform into the Ninja Rangers, then morph into Power Rangers and take command of the Ninja Zords. The White Ninja Ranger has heightened strength, speed, and durability. Also has the powers of ground swimming, line of sight teleportation, phasing, multiplication, energy projection, hypnotic persuasion, and many other "ninja magic" powers. Presumably, all Ninja Rangers have the same powers, although not each one has demonstrated all of them.

Young Tommy Master Vile once used the Orb of Doom to revert the Rangers into powerless children. To restore their ages, and obtain new powers, the children had to each retrieve a Zeo crystal.

Tommy was given his crystal by a wise old shaman, who taught him to see with his heart.