Zordon Zordon
A wise old sage, Zordon used to fight evil around the galaxy, eventually establishing a base of operations on Earth. In a final battle with Rita Repulsa, Zordon was trapped in a time warp, his only window to our reality being a giant tube in the Command Center. During the Power Rangers in Space saga, Zordon was destroyed, using his energy to wipe out evil forces.

Alpha 5 Alpha 5
Alpha 5, a fully sentient automaton, or robot, is the loyal assistant to Zordon in the Power Chamber. He was built on Edenoi by King Lexian, and recruited by Zordon to assist him in establishing a vanguard against evil on Earth. Alpha was last seen leaving Earth with Zordon to help defend Eltare, during Power Rangers Turbo.

Bulk and Skull Bulk and Skull
Bulk and Skull are Angel Grove High's resident punks, bullying those smaller than them, and always coming up with schemes to get fame or fortune, like finding out the identities of the Power Rangers. Years later, they were separated when Bulk took off on space station Terra Venture during Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

Ernie Ernie
Ernie is the owner of the Angel Grove Youth Center, the most popular hang out spot for the teens of Angel Grove. Ernie is generous and good-natured, often giving out free drinks and food for special occasions, and helping out his customers if they need it. During Power Rangers Turbo, he left the Youth Center to do emergency volunteer work in South America.

Ms. Appleby Ms. Appleby
Ms. Appleby is one of Angel Grove's most dedicated and tolerant teachers. She constantly put up with the wacky antics of Bulk and Skull, and seems to have them in every subject she teaches.

Mr. Caplan Mr. Caplan
Mr. Caplan believes in three things- detention, wearing a toupee, and detention. A strict disciplinarian, Mr. Caplan never hesitates in issuing detention to those who deserve it. He loves seeing the students do things for the community and for the environment and does his best to encourage them all do it.

Angela Angela
A student of Angel Grove and the object of Zack's affections, Angela has resisted many of Zack's charms and turned him down on his numerous offers to take her out. Once convinced, Zack failed to prove himself a worthy date by skipping out on most of it to fight as the Black Ranger. She's given him more chances, and was once impressed at how good he was with kids. Angela's current whereabouts are unknown.

Quagmire Quagmire
Quagmire is a magical elf who helps the rangers escape the Island of Illusion.

Curtis Curtis
Curtis is Zack's equally cheerful and fun-loving cousin. He is a hit with the students of Angel Grove High for his excellent dancing and trumpet playing abilities. Curtis was close friends with Richie, and was once caught in the middle of a Putty fight with him.

Richie Richie
Modest and shy, Richie helps out at the Youth Center's Juice Bar as a waiter. He is an accomplshed maartial artist, and was once caught in the middle of a Putty attack, doing his best to flee from them. Richie was close friends with Curtis, and had a thing for Trini, flirting with her on occasion.

Masked Rider Masked Rider
Masked Rider is a hero from the planet Edenoi, Alpha 5's home planet. When Alpha found out that Edenoi was under attack by Count Dregon, the Rangers travelled there and helped Masked Rider battle Dregon's forces. Masked Rider's secret identity is Dex, the Prince of Edenoi. When Dregon took off for Earth, Dex followed to continue battling him.

Ninjor Ninjor Ninjor
Hot headed and impulsive, Ninjor loves nothing more than a good fight. He is the guardian of the Temple of Power, the source of the Ninja Rangers' powers. When the Rangers came to him in their time of need, he was reluctant at first, but eventually gave them the Power of Ninja and the Ninja Zords.

Ninjor could increase in size and transform into a powered up mode. He used a sword in combat, and shot energy balls.

Ninjor currently resides at the temple, and no longer communicates with any Ranger team.