Zack Taylor, Black Power Ranger
Full Name: Zack Taylor
Ranger Designation: Black Power Ranger
Weapons: Power Axe, Blade Blaster
Gear: Wrist Communicator, Power Morpher with Power Coin
Zords: Mastodon Dinozord, Lion Thunderzord

Quick witted and clever, Zack relies on speed and cunning to win his battles. The former Black Ranger was the jokester of team, loving dancing, magic, and girls, especially Angela. He cares for his friends and always tried to cheer them up when they're feeling down. A good friend with a good heart, Zack always loved a good joke, and loved it when Bulk and Skull embarrassed themselves in public. Zack is currently promoting world peace at a peace conference in Switzerland. To Zack went the Mastodon Power Coin, giving him the power of the Mastodon, and control of the Mastodon Dinozord. Black Ranger's power weapon is the Power Axe, which doubles as a powerful cannon. His weapon combined with the others to form the Power Blaster. As Black Ranger, Zack gained enhanced strength, speed, and durability.