Delphine, White Aquitar Ranger
Ranger Designations: White Aquitar Ranger
Weapons: Sword, Blaster
Gear: White Battle Borg coin
Zords: White Battle Borg, White Shogun Zord

Delphine is the White Aquitar Ranger of the team labelled on Earth the "Alien Rangers". She is the leader of the team, and always looking out for her soldiers. Aquitarians are an aquatic species, and need the pure water of Aquitar to survive. They cannot stay long on Earth without sufficient and proper rehydration.

Unmorphed, Delphine is capable of energy projection. She can shoot a blue liquid-like substance which creates strong gusts of wind and energy fields. Morphed, Delphine has heightened strength, durability, and agility. She commands the White Battle Borg, and her weapons include a laser pistol and a sword. Delphine is also capable of long distance and line of sight teleportation.