Tor was the carrier Zord of the Thunderzords. This gigantic turtle combined with the Thunderzords to form the Thunder Ultrazord. Tor was created when Zordon fused a green crystal with a turtle. Tor could transform into Shuttle mode or Warrior mode. In Shuttle mode, it could carry Tigerzord in its shell, and the Thunderzord Assault Team on its back to form the Thunder Ultrazord, which would fly over an enemy and land on him to crush him. In Warrior mode, Tor could shoot rockets out of its fingertips, and would open up its chest for the Red Dragon to enter it and re-energize. Tor lays dormant somewhere on Earth.
Thunder Ultrazord
To finish off the toughest monsters, all seven Thunderzords could combine into the Thunder Ultrazord. Tigerzord would enter Tor's shell, while the Thunderzord Assault Team would attach to Tor's back to lift up the Ultrazord and slam it down on a monster. The Thunder Ultrazord had little firepower, but made for it with brute strength. Red Dragon's staff would spin and lift the Thunder Ultrazord as a propeller would, and stop to drop the entire Ultrazord on top of a monster to crush and destroy it.