Bones Bones
Finster created this monster from a sculpture he crafted and baked in the Monstermatic. Bones appeared at a carnival and he created a time warp and the Rangers fought with him there. Bone scould detach his head and have it fly. He also could recreate himself after falling apart. Trini throw his head into a lava pit, defeating him.
"High Five"

Giant Knight Giant Knight
Rita called forth this giant and he thrusted his hand through the time warp of Bones to capture Jason. Jason turned him to sand with his Tyrannosaurus Zord's attack.
"High Five"

Mighty Minotaur Mighty Minotaur
Finster created this monster from clay in the monstermatic and he forced the rangers to combine their new weapons to form Power Blaster to destroy him.

King Sphinx King Sphinx
King Sphinx was created by Finster, he fought Zack, Kimberly and Jason but sent them off so he could just be with Jason. Goldar fought alongside King Sphinx when he was gaint. The Megazord destroyed King Sphinx.
"A Pressing Engagement"

Gnarly Gnome Gnarly Gnome
He had the ability ro become invisible and his accordian to hypnotize people. He kidnapped teenagers so it would lure the Rangers into his clutches to put them under Rita's power. He would nap and wanted to hide it from Rita. Kim's deaf friend helped the Rangers get the teenagers out of the Gnarly Gnome's hold. He was defeated by the Megazord.
"A Matter of Trust" & "Sorcerer of the Sands"

Pudgy Pig Pudgy Pig
The infamous Pudgy Pig was created by Finster but he didn't consider it his beast creation. He ate fast and ate anything, he was to eat the world's entire food supply. He was had to defeat and ate the ranger's weapons. To get them out of him, the Rangers secretly fed him spicy food. He was destroyed by the Power Blaster. An illusion of him was created in the Island of Illusion. Later on, Rita casted a spell on Norman the pig to become Pudgy Pig. He wasn't interested in destroying the world, more in falling in love with a female pig. Billy turned the pig back to normal.
"Food Fight" & "Island of Illusion Part 1" & "A Pig Surprise"

Eyeguy Eyeguy
Eyeguy took in Billy's friend Willy into another dimension, he did well on Regda 2 and was Finster's creation. He could detach his eye to capture people. He was destroyed by the Megazord but that did not stop him from appearing so many times later such as on the Island of Illusion and at Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa's wedding.
"I, Eyeguy," "Island of Illusion, Part 1," & "The Wedding, Part 1, 2 & 3"

Terror Toad Terror Toad
Terror Toad was a creation of Finster's that did great on Sorcery 7 and was used again to swallow most of the rangers and when Kimberly threw her arrow into his main mouth, he was defeated.
"Power Punks"

Madam Woe Madam Woe
Rita asked Madam Woe for her help and she was to destroy the Blue Ranger but took his crush Marge into another dimension. The Rangers had to combine their powers so Billy could defeat Madam Woe. She was ultimately destroyed by the Power Blaster.
"Peace, Love, and Woe"

Ticklesneezer Ticklesneezer
Trini dreamed that her favorite doll her mother passed down to her was turned into a monster that captured many things, including her and Billy in his bottles.
"For Whom the Bell Trolls"

Snizard Snizard
Snizard was Finster's creation and could bite opponents with his snake-mouth hands and took the Rangers down. Kimberly destroyed the monster by zapping his apple with her Power Bow. He also appeared a lot afterwards.
"Foul Play in the Sky," "Island of Illusion, Part 1," "Zord's Monster Mash," & "The Wedding, Part 2 & 3"

Chunky Chicken Chunky Chicken
Finster created the Chunky Chicken and he could slash open dimension with his scissors. He kidnapped Kimberly and Trini's little sister. He was destroyed by the Megazord.
"Big Sisters"

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