When Skullington is defeated, he rebuilds himself from his hidden head that glows red. Xander defeats Skullington with his new Mystic Force Fighters.
"Petrified Xander"

When the gate to the underworld raises from the underworld to the surface world, this gargoyle come salive from the gate and combats the rangers. It is destroyed by Centarus Phoenix Megazord, his final appearance.
"The Gatekeeper, Part 2"

Imperious releases Jester who marks strange red symbols in different areas around the city. He can detach his hand and have a hammer or a pair of scissors.
"Long Ago"

While the Power Rangers were in another dimension, Behemoth attacks the city with his large hammer and Solaris Knight fights him. He is destroyed by the Solar Streak Megazord.
"Inner Strength"

She and Spydex attack innocent civilians in the city park and takes their souls and place them inside Spydex's back. Gnatu put the spider ball in the cannon made out of all the collected souls and Chip stops her. Gnatu became big and stepped on the rangers, Titan Megazord came out from under her foot.
"Soul Specter"

This spider-like monster followed Gnatu and collected the souls she stoled. Spydex can swing around with web sticking from his mouth. He challanges the rangers to trapeze walk on his giant spider web above the city. Chip fights Spydex with his Mystic Force Fighters. All the stolen souls are made in one spider ball. The spider ball was recovered and the souls returned. Spydex was defeated by a ranger's slash attack.
"Soul Specter"

Necrolai and Screamer attacked the city, Screamer turned people and the rangers into feathers. Jenji broke off the beak from the top of her head and she was defeated by the Titan Megazord and the Solar Streak Megazord piloted by Jenji.
"Ranger Down"

One of the Barbarian Beasts, he attacked the rangers first and started wearing them down. Xander was sick and missed out on most of the battle against this one. Koragg did not get along with him that well. Xander finally came in and defeated Warmax as the Mystic Minotaur.
"Dark Wish, Part 1"

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