The only female of the Barbarian Beasts, the rangers fought her and Necorali. They defeated her with their combined attack.
"Dark Wish, Part 1"
50 Below
This snowman-like monster and Fightoe were selected by Imperious to take Koragg down. 50 Below accompained Fightoe to fight the rangers and he took them down. They retreated leading Imperious to make his wish with Jenji. When everything returns to normal, the rangers defeated him with their new Legend powers.
"Dark Wish, Part 1" & "Dark Wish, Part 3"
This dog-faced fighter and his fellow Barbarian Beast 50 Below fought Koragg by Imperious' request. Then he attacked the city, taking the rangers away from Toby's celebration. When everything returned to normal, Necrolai using a dark morpher created by Koragg's magic, she makes Fightoe giant. The rangers fight him and split his staff in half. He decreases in size and fights the rangers along with 50 Below but when he sees 50 Below is about to be destroyed by the Legend Warriors, he retreats to the pit. There Imperious takes him to another dimension and uses his energy to power a menacing robot.
"Dark Wish, Part 1" & "Dark Wish, Part 3"
Petty Coat Junker
This unnamed enchanted robot is powered by the energy Imperious took from Fightoe. Daggeron fought it with the Solar Streak Megazord in the dimension it was created in. The robot busts the megazord into reality. It was defeated by the Manticore Megazord.
"Dark Wish, Part 3"
Chimera is made up of its normal face, a female chameleon-like face, and a bull-like face, a vampire bat-like face on top of his normal head, a lobster's face on its neck, a lion-like face on its chest, a moustached-crocodile head for a right arm, the left arm of the blue monster, the feathers of Screamer, and the feet of Clawbster. It is defeated by the only use of the Phoenix Unizord.
"Heir Apparent, Part 1" & "Heir Apparent, Part 2"