Rita's gang obtained the Genie's magic lamp from Cannine 4 of the Wolf's Head Galaxy. He fought the rangers under Rita's control and once Alpha 5 was able to get rid of his magic lamp, he vanished as well.
"Switching Places"
Knasty Knight
He was sent to destroy the finest warrior of Tarmac 3 and was sent after Zack. Finster hammered out his sword that had magical powers. Zack figured out that Nasty Knight had burned out their weapons because he was reflecting back any energy they threw at him. He was destroyed by the Megazord.
"Happy Birthday Zack"
Pineoctopus disguised as a clown and kdinapped Trini's cousin Sylvia and turned her into a cardboard cutout, Rita's plan was to turn the Rangers into them too but was unable to because their suits protected them. He was frozen by the Mastadon zord and destroyed by the Tyrannosarus. Pineoctopus was one of the monster hallucinations to bug the teens on the Island of Illusion.
"No Clowing Around" & "Island of Illusion, Part 1"
Dark Warrior
Finster made Dakr Warrior to capture Trini's uncle for his fomula and used him as bait. He was destroyed by the Megazord.
"Dark Warrior"
Created by Baboo and Squatt with the Monstermatic. Squatt gave Shellshock his name, Baboo was thinking of 'Greta; or 'Peitouche.' His green light made Trini run endlessly and his red light froze Billy, Zack and Kim. It was destroyed by Tyrannosaurus zord. It was also an illusion on the Island of Illusions.
"The Trouble with Sheelshock" & "Island of Illusion, Part 1"
Spidertron was Finster's creation and he was hidden inside a fake version of the Forest Spirit Statue. He trapped the Megazord ina giant spider web and was destroyed by the Dragonzord Battle Mode.
"Itsy Bitsy Spider"
Finster made this monster, also known as the Glora Expectorosis that could swallow countless flowers and made them into energy-sucking flowers. His body armor had some weak spots and the Rangers targeted them and destroyed him wiht the Spit Flower.
"The Spit Flower"
Frankenstein Monster
A creation of Finster's, he frightened many at the Youth Center's masquerade party. He used his neck bolts as wepons and was destroyed by the Dragonzord in Battle Mode.
"Lie's a Masquerade"
Rita Replusa summoned Mutisis and Lokar, Lokar then powered the Mutitis up into a much more dangerous form that sprayed toxic foam unto the Zords. It was finally destroyed by the Megadragonzord.
"Island of Illusion, Part 1 & 2"
Boulders were formed to together by Scorpina to make this monster to fire boulders that pinned his victims under them. He was destroyed by the Mirror od Destruction.
"The Rockstar"
Samurai Fan Man
Samurai Fan Man was created by Finster and trapped Kimberly in his bottle, he set traps and could blow the rangers away with his fan. He was destroyed by the Ultrazord.
"Calamity Kimberly"
Glow Worm
Scorpina's pet worm trapped the Rangers in their caccon, it was destroyed by the Megadragonzord. According to Goldar, it was made created by Finster.
"A Star is Born"