Babe Ruthless
Goldar, Scorpina, and Babe Ruthless attacked the city. He could fire lightening bolts from his gloves and throw balls at the rangers. It was destroyed by the Dragonzord in Battle Mode.
"A Star is Born"
Finster made Fang as a surprise present for Rita, he was threaten Squatt and Baboo when they ate his bird eggs. He was made to believe that the Rangers had his eggs and Rita promised him she would give them to him once he defeated the Rangers. Jason explained to him that they didn't have the eggs but he wouldn't listen. He was ultimately done in by the Ultrazord.
"The Yolk's on You!"
Cyclops could change into anything whenever it wanted, such as the Dragonzord and Dragonzord in Battle Mode. He was created by Finster. He was destroyed by the Ultrazord.
"Green Candle, Part 1 & 2"
Hatchasaurus was buried in the ground near the Angel Grove Power Plant and was controlled by Cardiatron that could reassemble Hatchsaurus at will and make him even more powerful. After Cardiatron was defeated, Hatchasaurus was destroyed by the Ultrazord. Terror Blossom summoned Hatchasaurus a year later and Cardiatron was back as well. Once Cardiatron was destroyed again, Hatchasaurus was defeated by the White Tigerzord.
"Birds of a Feather" & The Ninja Encounter, Part 1
Cardiatron is a talking super computer inside Hatchasaurus tha thad the power to reassemble the large monster whenever defeated. Jason had to be ingested to call Cardiatron out and destroyed it with a combination slash of his Power Sword and Dragon Dagger. The second time, now revied by Lord Zedd, Caridatron was done in by the White Ranger.
"Birds of a Feather" & The Ninja Encounter, Part 1
Polluticorn cloud fly and was sent to litter the planet. He wanted to take care of the Rangers personally so he didn't let Goldar and Scorpina fight them. His souce of power was his horn and Jason cut it off with his Power Sword and Dragon Daggeer. Polluticorn was destroyed by the Megazord.
"Clean-up Club"
Twinman truned putties into duplicates of the Power Rangers and he took the guise of the Red Ranger. They set out to give both the teens a bad reputation at school and bad reputation on the city about the Power Rangers. He was destroyed by the Power Blaster.
"A Bad Reflection on You"
Goatan the Storm-Bringer
Goatan resembled a Chimera, it was a mixture of a lion and goat and lizard and was made from the Noble Lion Trophy. His two heads seemed to have minds of its own and it had the power to create blizzard, tornadoes and even hurricanes. It was destroyed by Megazord.
"Lions and Blizzards"
Squatt was sent to plant seeds to create Ocotplant so she could destroy the world by covering it wiht her tentacles. As she grew, she caused an earthquake and bloomed from the bulb. She was exteremly vain and was distracted and destroyed by the Megazord.
"Rita's Seed of Evil"
Goo Fish
Used to trigger Billy's fish fear, the Goo Fish was sent and it could immobilize anything with his venom. Billy got over his fear and destroyed it with the Megazord. Goo Fish came back with other sea monsters by Lord Zedd's power and was destroyed by the White Ranger.
"Something Fishy" & "A Reel Fish Story"
Fighting Flea
Finster created the Fighting Flea which Rita shrank and placed on a dog Jason found. Jason's body was then infected with a rash. Kimberly and Jason fought the monster but Jason was affected by the itch. Fighting Flea could shoot needles as well, it was destroyed by the Megazord. He had various cameos after his introduction including a halluciantion Lord Zedd created and Finster recreated him out of the Monstermatic to assist Rito ambush the Rangers.
"To Flea or Not to Flee," "Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park", & "Ninja Quest, Part 1"
Finster's monster, the Jellyfish could weaken the rangers with its toxic spray that could eat through the Ranger's suits. It also could teleport at will. He even sent the rangers to his home simension, he was destroyed by the Megazord.
"Reign of the Jellyfish"