Mirror Maniac
A mirror Tommy gave to Kim was turned into this monster. It could shoot energy flames at the rangers and was destroyed by Thunder Megazord. The mirror was later returned to normal.
"Beauty and the Beast"
Nimrod The Scarlet Sentinel
Lord Zedd made the Sentinel Statue of Angel Grove Park slowly transform into Nimrod, who caused terrible attacks and had two assistants AC and DC. The Rangers had to retreat from her attacks. She was destroyed by the Megatigerzord.
"White Light, Part 1 & 2"
Zedd's clear purse was transformed into this black and red monster, Pursehead had weapons based on the contents of the purse. He frozed some of the Rangers. The White Ranger knocked it back normal after Saba zapped it.
"Two For One"
Trini's lipstick that was in Kim's purse was transformed into Lipsyncher by Lord Zedd and she had a sword that ook like lips. She was destroyed by the Red Dragon Warrior Mode.
"Two For One"
Billy's polarizer was turned into Magnetbrain by Lord Zedd and the monster disrupted the planet's polarity. The Thunder Megazord destroyed Magnetbrain.
"Opposites Attract"
Key Keeper
A nameless monster had been assigned by Lord Zedd to be the gatekeeper of the haunted forest known as his Dark Dimension. He was sort of goofy and nervous.
"Zedd's Monster Mash"
Tommy met this monster in the Zedd's Dark Dimension on Halloween. The monster took his morpher and summoned old monsters to fight him.
"Zedd's Monster Mash"
Terror Blossom
Created from flower petals by Lord Zedd, the Terror Blossom's petal could freeze anything it touched. It planned to create an army of flower monsters once he'd found a place to germinate his seed pods. To keep the Rangers busy while he germinated his seeds, Terror Blossom summoned the Hatchasaurus and then apparently left the park. Jason, trini and Zack were frozen by him. Terror Blossom was destroyed by the Thunder Megazord.
"The Ninja Encounter, Part 2 & 3"
Beamcaster was created from Bulk's boat energy output meter and Skull's fishing pole and he had a hypnotic baton that got Jason, Trini, Zack and many others in the city under his control. Beamcaster threw bombs at the Rangers and was destroyed by the Power blaster.
"Zedd Waves"
Four Head
Lord Zedd created this monster from a sculpture created in art class for the World Teen Summit. It couldn't be destroyed by the Power Blaster but was dinished off by the Thunder Ultrazord.
"A Monster of Gloval Proportions"
Silver Horns
Silverhorns was the first monster that Aisha, Rocky, and Adam dealt with as Power Rangers. It was destroyed by the Thunder Ultrazord.
"The Power Transfer, Part 2"
Lord Zedd created Skelerena from a picture of a hyena from a book. He laughed like a hyena. Was the first to be defeated by the Power Cannon.
"Mirror Of Regret"